Unbelievable perks of being a fashion designer!

  1. Following your passion and making money out of it!

Agree or not, this has been a dream for you since you were a kid, you want to do what you wish and also want to get paid for it, your relatives or friends might have told you that you are a good designer but you might not have imagined how much money you can earn in real due to this career. Komal Pandey earned around 75 LAKH RUPEES in a year using her creativity in the Fashion field. There are many examples in the Fashion field where we can see many people are earning millions of rupees. 

  1. You will get to work with a reputed brand for free!

When your creativity starts coming in front of the audience, brands start approaching you to make greater designs for them, you can use those clothes and accessories for yourself and give bitter and better reviews to them which will be considered on their side. Your work will be recognized at a higher level from this point.  People will start noticing you and your work and start appreciating you from every handle that is possible on their own. 

  1. You can create your own brand once you become a subject expert 

Once you are famous because of the work you have done for years together, your credibility for fashion designing in the field will be increased and people have already started loving your work. So now you launching your own brand can be a great initiative towards increasing your credibility in business. Now because of social media, it cannot take more than a year for your business to blow up, that is why taking up the fashion designing career 

  1. You will be able to work with celebrities within 1-2 years of your career. 

Celebrities all around will start noticing your work and can ask you to work for them, Once you start working with celebrities, there is no looking back into your career, you will be able to work with different celebrities, groom them and make good money out of it. You will love what you do and earn a lot of money from it. 

  1. You will be able to travel the world!

By working with celebrities, you will be able to grow more and travel more across the world, you will be called to fan fests and award ceremonies, and after that, you will be able to travel the world. The fashion designing career is so vast that you can accomplish your wish to world tour also using this career. 


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