Why choosing a fashion designing course can be best for you?

  1. You dress well!

Whether you are a girl or boy, you dress well and never fail to impress your peers. You also help others to dress well and try to keep the whole gang well dressed. You always try to combine your clothes in the coolest way possible, Also you don’t spend a lot of money on your everyday fashion. Everyone loves the way you get dressed even for a simple get together, Your friends keep asking you where did you buy those shirts or joggers. You prefer to shop alone because you have a different taste and want to see the whole market before you buy anything, Basically, you are the Komal Pandey of the group!

  1. You understand traditions. 

Yes, this can be a sign that your perfect career choice can be fashion designing, 

The various combinations and colors that you can perfectly blend into while considering the event that you are going to can make you look prettier and more handsome than anyone else! As we all know that traditional dresses contain a lot of patterns and designs that only a creative person can understand, So you know well how to collab them in the coolest way and fit them in a trend on your own. 

  1. People usually ask you for fashion advice or borrow your clothes

This can be a silent sign that your fashion sense is adored by your friends and they wish to take advantage of your talent. They are often praising your dresses and sometimes even borrow to look like you! And even after this, you suggest to them good dresses through which even they can look better and can rock the stage! People keep asking you where did you buy this particular stuff and questions in a similar lane. 

  1. You have good pairing strategies

A white T-shirt over ripped blue jeans or a scarf as a crop-top! If you have worn any of such dresses in your lifetime or even adore Canness wore by Priyanka Chopra, then you are the one who has got perfect eyeballs and brains for Fashion Designing. 

  1. You have acquired stitching skills

This skill needs a lot of effort and learning time, though, with practice, you can become a good tailor and can start designing dresses on your own,  Stitching skills can make a lot of difference in your Fashion designing career, whether you can put little cute patches in the dresses or can actually sew a good neckline, both can be the best thing that you can do for your career. 

  1. You better know what fits whom!

You can make anyone look good with their skills, you love experimenting with new sizes and shapes, and colors that people possess. Your creativity can never diss off anyone who wants to look good! You try combining and making them look good on everyone. Your friends and family feel confident about their sizes when they are around you because of your advice on which clothes look good on them because of which they also feel good emotionally and that’s the entire job of a fashion designer basically. 

  1. You have god-level creativity!

Fashion has always been a cup of tea for you. You can do anything with any kind of clothes. 

You don’t tend to follow other brands and do what they want you to do with your clothes. Your education related to fashion is just more than just creativity and skills, you are passionate and determined enough that you want to get that job done

  1. You have entrepreneurial skills. 

You know how to earn money using your negotiation and pairing skills, you can do a whole wardrobe on your own for your clients. You know what’s the best fit and can charge the proper amount for it

  1. People look at your Instagram for inspiration. 

You might have surely heard this, from your friends or family that they keep looking at the pictures that you have uploaded even 3 years back that how cool you looked in those images. 

Your #OOTD looks can make anyone write a good comment for you on Instagram. 

  1. You want to make the slightest changes possible. 

Although a few changes in your design can vary, you want everything to be done perfectly, you cannot handle a single mistake in your dress strategy and want to make it as perfect as possible. Because you don’t want to make it dirty on the big day!


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